GPR Concrete Scanning, Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling

GPR Concrete Scanning

What is GPR ?

When a building or structure needs a seismic or structural survey to determine its reinforcement (or lack of it), there are a number of ways that this can be conducted.

Destructive testing, either drilling or breaking to expose the interior and only shows at that point.

Non destructive testing, by scanning using a magnetic device and interpreting its disturbed field. Fine for relatively shallow work but has its limitations where there is deep embedment or multiple layers.

Top of the list is Ground Penetrating Radar, where the conductivity of a material is measured and a reflected signal determines the content being scanned.

Our GPR Scanning system goes the next step in that it is finely tuned to scan structures. Using a pencil beam the content of a structure can be defined showing rebar, services, imbedments and voids in layers to a depth of 500mmm. (A bridge beam 1m thick can be scanned from both sides).

Walls can be investigated in some cases through linings which can mean absolutely no interference in the running of the property being scanned. Floors and stairs, through carpet or vinyl and beams and columns are all easily scanned to determine suitability or to locate services.

A real time image is produced in remarkable clarity so that decisions can be made on the spot for penetrations or related work

When the GPR scanning is completed a file of the results can be sent for interpretation that can be kept on record for future reference.

Modern GPR Scanning systems are fast and accurate and cover a much larger area faster with less need for interpretation than earlier versions meaning more bang for your buck, and more precise measurement.

Is it Safe?

Using about the same power as a cell phone and a small directed beam ensures there is no harmful effects to people close by.

Scanning for the location on steel reinforcing

Scanning to determine the concrete cover 

Scanning to if the concrete has voids

Scanning to determine the concrete thickness

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