GPR Concrete Scanning, Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling

15+ years in the concrete construction industry

I started my concrete construction career at 15 years of age as an apprentice working for Terry Murphy at North Harbour Concrete Cutters. 

From day one, the smell of the fumes, the sound of the 2-Stroke Partner K1250 hand saws revving its ring off, the Monster CoreCut CC3500 4 cylinder floor saw effortlessly cutting through concrete to the DK16 Weka hand drills coring holes through block walls for services and the rig mounted drills coring through concrete slabs for security bollards, I was hooked! a young man allowed to rev engines to the limit whilst making money in doing so was a dream come true!

Later on down the track I moved my attention to wanting to cut down bridges with wire saws, wall saw window openings through 500mm thick multiple brick layers, to standing behind big 66hp turbo diesel floor saws cutting 400mm deep, Lowery Supa Cutters was the company I choose to teach me this.

It was at Lowerys where I also discovered GPR Concrete Scanning and was very eggar to learn for myself. After being trained up by the best in the industry in detection services I was away!

I gained my BCITO Qualification and also became the Supervisor for Lowery Supa Cutters.

After 15+ years of working for my employers who I have nothing but respect for, I took all the experience and knowledge learnt throughout the years to start my own company "GPR Concrete Scanning Limited"

Concrete Scanning, Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling, We do it all!

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